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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download free version of Minecraft with working Xbox Live and get new plants, master the technique of mining melting ores, mine tuff and amethyst.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a fairly global update that adds several elements from the Mountains and Caves add-on to the Sandbox game world.

Therefore, players can enjoy the Caves & Cliffs to the fullest, complete with cute axolotl and unusual azalea. From now on, underground locations will be completely covered with a variety of vegetation , now solid blocks of tuff and shale are generated everywhere.

In some parts of the biome, specific melting ores began to appear, which are exclusive to Minecraft PE

In addition, the developers have improved several technical points. These include: changing graphics and sound to please the improved standard, fixing Store bugs and detailed rendering of textures.

Blooming azalea

A small plant that is found everywhere in Minecraft version Blooming azalea is characterized by the fact that it has a lush pink bud.

This feature is also a kind of terrain indicator, since allows you to detect the Lush Caverns biome .

It is noteworthy that blooming azalea can appear both on individual blocks and on the tops of trees. Currently, there is only one use for a plant – this is decoration.

However, users can still use azalea in crop production.

Drops of Melting Ore

In Minecraft PE, Steve will have to master a new skill of smelting ores. The innovation concerns only those materials that could previously be melted in a furnace. That is, gold, iron and copper.

Melting Ore Drops are one of the best new additions to the version, as it is much more efficient to accumulate small fragments than full-fledged blocks.

Moreover, the technique allows you to diversify the contents of the caves and make them richer in resources and secrets.


A durable block that is generated along with other valuable materials. In Minecraft, tuff can be broken with any existing tool. Even with a hand, however, this action will take a long time.

It is much better to use a pickaxe, as the tool can improve the quality of mining and even reduce the time. The higher the durability of the item in Minecraft PE, the more effective the pickaxe.

Amethysts and Geodes

Quite fragile crystals that are not so easy to find in Minecraft Amethysts are generated as part of geode caverns, which are formed from several sturdy layers.

If you’re lucky, you can get to the core of the geode. This is where all the amethysts and blocks are stored.