Download Minecraft PE 1.2.9

Version 1.2.9 for Android
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Download for free the full version of Minecraft 1.2.9 for Android with a working Xbox Live and start your survival from the canyon!

Minecraft PE 1.2.9 – What’s New

In this release, the Mojang developers have fixed many bugs. But the most interesting thing is the large number of innovations. various blocks and objects, as well as a parrot appeared in the game. Do not forget about the new location called the canyon.


These innovations will mainly appeal to newbies and map builders in Minecraft PE 1.2.9. The game now has a tutorial and even a recipe book . In addition, there are new parameters of the worlds that can be adjusted. For example, you can turn off the cycle of day and night, the spread of fire, or even an explosion of dynamite.

TIP: Survival in the early stages will become much more interesting with the bonus chest.


Several blocks were added to Minecraft 1.2.9 at once. The player deserves special attention. With it you can listen to in-game music while playing records. This block can be obtained even in survival mode. This requires only 8 planks and 1 diamond.

To play music, you need to install a special resource pack from the store.


Plates, rockets, a book with a feather, an armor stand – all of this appeared in Minecraft PE 1.2.9. First of all, it should be noted that missile explosions can be accompanied by various effects. It depends on the star from which this very rocket was made. Also worth mentioning is the pen book . With the help of this item, the player will be able to record various information.

TIP: It is not recommended to hit the strut with armor as it is very fragile.

Other fixes

As mentioned earlier, in Minecraft 1.2.9 the developers fixed many bugs and made some changes.

  • creepers stop moving before detonating;
  • blocks can be placed while squatting;
  • animals can follow the player on uneven terrain;
  • text entry in the plate does not continue on the first line after switching to a new one.


  • Where can I find LPs in MCPE 1.2.9?

    These items rarely appear in various chests, located mainly in the fortresses of the underworld.
  • How can I open the recipe book?

    In the workbench by toggling the appropriate button.
  • How can you tame a parrot?

    They are very fond of all kinds of seeds.