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Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE for Android with working Xbox Live: a new Render Dragon graphics engine, a spyglass for exploring the world, candles to create a festive atmosphere and some improvements to the generation of the cubic world.

Meincraft Caves and Mountains

The development team at Mojang Studios has released a new version of Minecraft PE This time, players are expecting even more content, many changes related to both gameplay and the engine.

Caves and Mountains update is aimed at changing almost all aspects of the gameplay of Minecraft For this, the developers have added new items, biomes, ores and even a graphics engine.

Render Dragon

The long-awaited graphic engine update has happened in Meinkraft  The developers have implemented the Render Dragon, which first appeared on the edition for Windows 10. Now it has also made its way to the Android version.

However, despite all expectations, it does not change anything dramatically, because it will be useful mainly only for the studio itself Mojang, as well as modders.

Rocky Peaks

In the new version of Minecraft PE, the biome generation engine has also been updated. In recent betas, there was a problem: High mountains even in the jungle biome were covered in snow.

The team fixed this point in Meinkraft, and so now the transitions between biomes are more realistic and smooth.


Another feature of the update Minecraft is a new item – the spyglass. It will be incredibly useful for those players who explore the surrounding cubic world.

To craft it, you need to use a shard of amethyst and two copper ingots.

Keep in mind that the effective view radius varies around 100 blocks.


Also, the team introduced in the gameplay of Meinkraft a new item, which is a candle. With its help, you can create a festive atmosphere at a birthday party or horror map.

You can install up to 4 candles on one block.

Candle crafting in Minecraft PE is quite simple, as it requires only bee honeycombs and threads.