Download armor mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download armor mods for Minecraft PE and get completely new protective gear with unique properties!

Best Armor Addons

As you know, there are only 5 types of armor in Minecraft PE: diamond, chain mail, iron, gold and leather. With the release of MCPE 1.16 , the 6th type of armor appeared – netherite . Despite this variety, players often want something new.

In this case, they can download armor mods, the best of which are collected here.


This modification adds multi-colored armor to Minecraft PE. There is a lot of it, so everyone will find something to their liking. You can dye your armor using a dye in the workbench.


This addition will make Steve almost a god in Minecraft PE. He will become immune to absolutely any kind of damage . The best solution to fight the Ender Dragon.


Naturally, the presence of such equipment in the game spoils its balance. Therefore, getting such things will be not an easy task . It can be bought from a resident who sells armor, or knocked out from the Wither itself.

Thigh armor also has one small drawback: it slows the player down.

Wolf Armor

Often, Minecraft PE players have had rather unpleasant incidents associated with the death of their animal, the wolf. With this mod, you can avoid such incidents.

The wolf will have its own armor . She will not only protect him, but also give him resistance from fire and lava.

You can build such equipment using 5 gold ingots and 1 netherite ingot. Therefore, this modification will work only in MCPE 1.16.


With this addition, players will have the ability to craft mail armor . And this can be done using a chain that appeared in Minecraft 1.16. The crafting recipe itself is identical to other types of armor, so there will be no problems here.

A chain can be crafted from two pieces of iron and one solid iron ingot.

Overseer’s Armor

This mod adds to Minecraft PE the armor and sword of a new cave boss called the Overseer. To create previously unseen equipment, you will need cheeky cow leather and horns . This creature is also implemented in the expansion.

Overseer’s armor differs from the netherite more durability and better resistance . The cave boss sword deals 31 damage. The weapon supports enchantments and has high durability.


  • How to install the paintable mod?

    BlockLauncher is required, in which you need to select the downloaded file from the scripts menu.
  • How to put armor on a wolf?

    First you need to tame it, after which a button will appear that will allow you to put armor on it.
  • Can I use the mod for crafting chain mail armor in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, for this you just need to activate this mod in the world settings.