Minecraft PE

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Download Minecraft for android and learn all about the new buzzing mobs, sticky blocks and many other changes in the game.

What’s new Minecraft PE

The implementation is preparing for its release, and in the meantime, the beta versions continue to steer it in the right direction. Completed with major errors , it remains to figure out the little things.


These buzzing creatures became the symbol of this update to Minecraft PE It all has to do with adding behavior scripts to bees.

They have behavior for absolutely any situation. For example, when attacking bees, they will do the same, but not alone, but as a whole swarm.

Fact: when dealing damage to any entity, the bees die after a while. They pollinate flowers and are afraid of water.


In Minecraft update “Bees & Honey”, bees can produce honey and combs . The developers came up with an idea to create blocks such as honeycomb and honey.

Cell Blocks

By creating them, the developers planned to endow the honeycomb blocks with only decorative properties.

But don’t worry, this is still being discussed by the Mojang team.

Honey Blocks

Probably the second most useful innovation in Minecraft Pocket Edition after bees. They are similar in function to slime blocks, but unlike them, honey is easier to find.

Note: In everyday life, this block can help with mechanisms, with decreasing damage when falling and trapping, using the sticky properties of honey blocks.


To build combs and store honey in them, bees need a home. Also, with threats to their lives and fear, they need to hide somewhere. To help the bees fulfill their function and protect them, wild and homemade hives were introduced into Minecraft

Wild Hive

Wild Hives are created by regenerating Minecraft Bedrock Edition , which places them next to a flower meadow. This is done so that the bees can pollinate the flowers.

Hives have only 5 levels and you can collect honey at 3. If you want to get the hive, then do it with scissors or silk-touch weapons . This will help you avoid conflict with the bees.

Homemade Hives

In order to search for hives in different biomes every time, we decided to add homemade hives to Minecraft PE

They have all the same functions as the wild ones. So you can easily observe bees and collect honey.

Skin Editor

A convenient function that is built into the game and provides the ability to edit skins in more than 100 variants.

All parts of the body can be edited, but most importantly, all of this is available in 3D .

Change in Minecraft Bedrock

Surprisingly, in this version there were not even fixes, but additions. To some extent, Minecraft version can be considered a “release” , because there are almost no bugs.