Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and spend time in the company of loyal pets and go on a journey with them.

Minecraft PE Beta

Every player who installs Minecraft needs to know about all the features of using certain blocks, interacting with mobs, and other features of the cubic world. This information will help you spend your time in the game more effectively and gain new experiences.

In this version, the developers managed to fix crashes that could affect the gameplay as a whole. Players are also provided with unique opportunities for development and pastime.

New changes

In Minecraft PE, the developers pleased the players with a large number of changes. Among them are new items that have the common name Ominous. These are Trial Key, Vault, and Trial Spawner.

It will be more difficult to defeat mobs because now they have new effects, including Oozing – when two slugs are created after death, as well as Weaving, Infested, and Wind Charged.


The only source for obtaining unique shields that are used in crafting Wolf Armor is Armadillo. It is quite easy to meet it in biomes such as savannahs and wastelands.

In case of danger, he curls up, hiding in his sturdy shell. If he is in a calm state, then cave and ordinary spiders will already be afraid of him. It is noteworthy that in Minecraft PE they spawn in 2-3 individuals, and they rarely appear alone.

The mob will curl up into a ball under the following conditions:

  1. the player ran up to him or ran past him;
  2. The player rides on transport or horseback;
  3. if there are dangerous mobs nearby;
  4. if there is a player or mob next to him who has previously attacked Armadillo.


Players should not seek out this mob without good equipment and weapons. The fact is that Breeze attacks without warning. But you can find out about the approaching attack by the characteristic compression of the mob before jumping.

The player takes damage not from the blow itself, but from being thrown away by a wave of wind and falling. In Minecraft, you can only meet this hostile monster in the Trial Chamber.


  • What kind of kick does Breeze use in Minecraft PE

    Wind Charge.
  • Where can players in MCPE meet Armadillo?

    In the savannah and wastelands.
  • What does Armadillo do when he is afraid?



  1. What a cool change in this version! I am already burning with impatience to try out the Ominous Vault and other new items.

  2. I love Minecraft and everything related to it, and this version is just the coolest! I could not imagine that cubic space would become so dangerous and interesting.