Minecraft PE 1.20.81

Version 1.20.81 for Android
Release Update

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.81 Armored Paws Update apk with Xbox Live support and learn about all the secrets of the unique location, which has become the most popular place in the endless space.

Minecraft PE 1.20.81 Armored Paws Update

Traveling in Minecraft 1.20.81 release can give players many unforgettable moments because the endless block space is very diverse and interesting to explore.

The heroes should study all its features in advance to know exactly how to get to a particular location faster, as well as what dangers and secrets await them inside.

The problem with the camera lagging by one frame after teleportation has been completely fixed.

Secret Dungeons

For many users, long trips around the territory can be very tedious and even boring, especially when you do not know exactly where to go. In Minecraft PE 1.20.81, you do not have to wander to find the entrance to the Trial Chamber. It is enough to go to the village, find a Cartographer, and raise his level to an apprentice.

Thus, the player will have the opportunity to purchase a locator card from him. She will show you the fastest way to your cherished goal. There are a lot of interesting things waiting for the players inside:

  1. A variety of blocks made of copper, and tuff, as well as a wide variety of clay fragments and decorated pots;
  2. Trial Spawner will appear more often in the aisles, so be careful while moving;
  3. Vault can contain, among other things, wind charges, banner templates, and armor decorations, as well as Heavy Core.

Other changes

To always destroy their enemies, players in Minecraft 1.20.81 are invited to use a Mace. It can even be used in combination with Wind charges to receive increased damage.

Climb higher and jump on your opponent to destroy him accurately, all the creatures around will be thrown back by the tremendous power of this weapon.


  • How to find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft PE 1.20.81?

    Upgrade a Cartographer to an apprentice.
  • What are the features of the Vault?

    Players can get various values from it.
  • What dangers are waiting for players in this location?

    In MCPE 1.20.81, these are different monsters and traps.