Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and learn about the new animation for Armadillo, as well as other changes in the cubic world.

Minecraft PE Beta

After spending a lot of time in the game, sometimes users begin to lose interest in the process itself, so developers tirelessly continue to add new and very unusual objects.

For example, in Minecraft, it is proposed to start your adventures by exploring the Trial Chamber, where players will find a lot of previously unseen blocks, mobs, and other treasures.

Trial Chamber

A special underground location in Minecraft PE will interest every user at least by the fact that various treasures and valuables can be found in it. You can get them, for example, by defeating all the creatures that Trial Spawner generates.

Also, if researchers are lucky enough to find a Vault in this place, they will be able to try to get a valuable item located in it. Of course, if they find a special key to open it.

A dangerous opponent

But not only treasures await players in the Trial Chamber, this place is also home to many different dangerous creatures. Among them, is Breeze stands out, which recently appeared in the game.

In Minecraft, this mob changed the damage from its attack. Users also need to turn on a special Experimental switch so that it appears in the game.

Breeze attacks can knock the hero down and even open a door or trapdoor, so it will be very difficult to hide from him. Only the bravest heroes will be able to defeat this dangerous opponent.

Other innovations

Traveling through mangroves and swamps, players should be wary of meeting Bogged in Minecraft PE This skeleton attacks with poisonous arrows.

But the players in this version have become stronger because now they can use the Wind Charge to attack their opponents.


  • Which blocks are most often found in the Trial Chamber?

    In MCPE these are copper and tuff.
  • Where can players find the Vault?

    In Minecraft PE in Trial Chamber.
  • In what ways does Breeze primarily attack?

    With wind charges.