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Seed on the mountains for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71
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This incredible mountain seed has never been seen before. Enter it and see for yourself.

Keys for generating mountains for Minecraft PE

Here is a seed that regenerates very high mountains, probably some of the best that you can only see in Minecraft PE.

These mountains are more like a canyon, which makes it possible to unite the two mountains with some kind of bridge or crossing.

Sid generates extremely high and colorful mountains. They are so massive and huge that even in creative mode it takes a very long time to get to them.

Such regenerations are almost impossible to find in Minecraft PE, because the game seeks to move the player only to those places that will really be useful to him.

But apparently clever Minecraft regeneration system considers mountains useless and therefore the probability of getting there is low .

Beautiful landscapes from the height of the mountain slopes

An unusually beautiful landscape will open before your eyes. A huge number of high mountains, which have many beautiful waterfalls and caves . Also, regeneration will especially appeal to connoisseurs of colorful and varied landscapes.

Beautiful waterfalls on this side, which in some places flow down from high mountains and cannot leave anyone indifferent.

And there are a lot of such beautiful places. In addition to its beauty, this seed has a large number of caves and dungeons , some of which are quite barren but vast, while others are full of dangers and lots of valuable materials such as diamonds.

Although the mountains look calm and unusual, it will be difficult to survive in them:

  1. firstly, there are a lot of rocks here;
  2. secondly, due to height restrictions it will be difficult to build a house.

Important: Players with absolutely any version will be able to enjoy all the incredible landscape regeneration in minecraft, since the seed does not carry technical loads of innovations.