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Version for Android
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Download full version of Minecraft on Android with working Xbox Live and create a new kind of maps on the cartographic table! <! – more ->

What’s changed in Minecraft PE

The villagers’ village will now have a new function – the ability to attack by marauders . Their task in Minecraft PE will be to exterminate residents and destroy houses. If the player can repel the raid, then he will receive the title of “hero of the village”.

In addition to this function, the villagers’ houses have also been updated in the game, cartographic tables, bonfires and stone cutters have been added. Each added object has its own properties.

Minecraft PE focuses on improving the functionality of certain objects. This will help optimize the gameplay and speed it up.

Xbox Live

In Minecraft, a complete optimization of the login process was carried out.

Signing out and signing in to Xbox Live and Xbox One will no longer cause any interruptions. There will be no errors even when switching between multiple accounts.

Also removed from Minecraft PE the reappearance of the message about entering Xbox Live. The notification appeared even for those who have already logged into their account.


Incorrect work of tools, disrupted gameplay and caused numerous errors . In order to get rid of them, a comprehensive fix was carried out in Minecraft PE

Silk-touch weapons will now perform their function correctly. The enchantment will function until the item is finally broken.

Also the armor rack and stone cutter can be recreated again. After losing their strength, they can be re-restored.


In the beta version of Minecraft, the conditions of some blocks have been changed . This is done for the sake of consistency, as well as to prevent lags.

Movable blocks can break coral seagrass plants. Previously, these blocks would pass through pistons, which would greatly reduce performance.

All types of quartz blocks in Minecraft PE will no longer have directional placement. The Mojang team considered this unnecessary and removed this property .


  • What changes have been made to your Xbox Live account?

    In Minecraft, a complete optimization of the login process was carried out.
  • Why were the block conditions changed in Minecraft PE

    This is for consistency and to prevent lags
  • Что получит игрок при успешном отражении налёта?

    Если игрок сможет отразить налет, то он получит звание "герой деревни".