Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and explore various new territories of the cubic world, where a lot of interesting things await the heroes.

Minecraft PE Beta

Dangers in the cubic world were much more likely to occur at night, and during the day the situation was much calmer. But in the Trial Chamber, the situation has changed a lot. Because darkness reigns in this location at any time of the day.

Dark corridors and rooms are teeming with a wide variety of creatures that can greatly harm the heroes. In Minecraft PE, events called Ominous were added to the already existing dangers.

Several new melodies are available to players in this version when using music discs, as well as 15 new pictures, each of which will make the interior unique.
In the process of exploring the territory, players will discover many more diverse riddles and mysteries.

Difficulties and dangers

For every hero who dares to visit the Trial Chamber, information about the dangers that await him in this place will be very important. Including the wide variety of monsters that live there in Minecraft

  1. Difficulties will more often be encountered on the way of brave heroes if they get the Bad Omen effect;
  2. You can get it if you drink a drink that is contained in an Ominous Bottle;
  3. But this should also be done to get cool rewards for more dangerous trials, which will certainly find their heroes.


For everyone who decides to visit the dark underground corridors, the developers have prepared a lot of tests. And one of them is to fight against very dangerous opponents.

Breeze does not have a sword or equipment in his arsenal, but at the same time in Minecraft PE, he knows how to control the wind. With the help of the power of this element, he can throw off his opponent, who will receive significant damage when falling.


  • What kind of attack does Breeze in Minecraft PE use?

    Wind power.
  • Where can players find the Vault in MCPE

    In Trial Chamber.
  • What new effects have appeared in the game?

    Bad Omen and Trial Omen.