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Download Minecraft Legends

Explore a Storied Land

Download Minecraft Legends free: try new game world, have a real adventure, ride a horse, meet unusual creatures, and fight with enemies!

Minecraft Legends: Explore a Storied Land

Fans of the strategy genre are waiting for a real adventure created by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. Minecraft Legends is the most anticipated game of the year.

Every player has ever wondered why piglins dislike players so much, and why there are so many destroyed portals periodically appear in the Otherworld. It is time to answer these questions.


Everyone who was looking forward to the release of Minecraft Legends from Mojang can appreciate the advantages of this game. Users can play on PC, consoles, as well as Xbox.

The peculiarity is that the player needs not only to collect resources in the world, but also to look for allies for battles with enemies. All the mobs of the Otherworld will join forces to defeat the monsters trying to destroy it.

It is also worth noting that the developers promise to add unusual mobs in future updates.


Those who like to explore Another dimension in Minecraft are familiar with the piglins that live there. According to the story in Legends, these aggressive mobs want to take over the entire game world.

In such conditions, even those creatures that were previously enemies of the players will become their allies. For example, creepers and zombies.


Minecraft Legends players have their own army and can manage it as they want. Players move around on horseback. An important point of the player’s mission is to build a fortress that evil piglins will not be able to destroy.

Other options

Minecraft Legends players have the opportunity to take part in a joint campaign using multiplayer mode. There should be eight players who will be divided into two teams. Their main goal will be to destroy the enemy base. This is quite a difficult task, because it is necessary to have defense and attack skills.


  • Is it possible to play Minecraft Legends with friends?

    Yes, multiplayer mode is possible to use.
  • Who are players' enemies in the game?

    Piglins from the Nether dimension.
  • What mobs can help players to fight with enemies?

    Zombies, creepers, and villages.