Minecraft PE 1.20.80

Version 1.20.80 for Android
Unblocked Release Version

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.80 Armored Pasw Update apk with Xbox Live support and use new weapons for melee and ranged combat and defeat any enemies.

Minecraft PE 1.20.80 Armored Paws Update

To ensure that the impression of the players is always at the highest possible level, the developers of Mojang Studios make every effort. The fact is that during the game, technical failures and other problems periodically occur, which they try to deal with promptly.

But at the same time, they do not forget about the various innovations that create a unique atmosphere in the cubic world. For example, the Minecraft 1.20.80 Release introduced two types of weapons that will effectively destroy any enemies.

But to make the most effective use of each of them, you need to know about the features of these items. Players should explore these and always defeat their enemies in the cubic world.

Mace and Wind Charge

These two names were chosen by the developers for a reason. The fact is that the Wind Charge is a type of attack that Breeze uses and to get it you need to defeat this mob in battle. The player will receive several items at once, which he can use against his enemies.

The mace, as it is known, was used in ancient times and was a very formidable weapon. In Minecraft PE 1.20.80, she retained these properties, and her damage becomes even greater if the player jumps before the attack. By the way, he will not receive damage from the fall.

Trial Chamber

This location is filled with riddles and mysteries, and it is also quite dark. Therefore, take care of lighting fixtures to light your way. In the Trial Chamber, the heroes will find a lot of interesting and unusual items, including:

  1. Trial Spawner;
  2. Trial Key;
  3. Vault.

By the way, in Minecraft 1.20.80, large reserves of resources such as copper and tuff can be found in this place.


  • How to increase damage when using a Mace in Minecraft PE 1.20.80?

    Attack in a jump.
  • How to get a Wind Charge in MCPE 1.20.80?

    Beat the Breeze.
  • Where is the most copper and tuff?

    In the Trial Chamber.