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Zebra Shader for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.19.0 - 1.20.81

Download Zebra Shader for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: use enhanced animation and other additional features to create a flawless game space.

What is new in Zebra Shader?

The main idea of any update, and especially the shader, is to make the gameplay more interesting and diverse. At the same time, absolutely every creation has its unique features and peculiarities.

The maximum number of Minecraft PE players will be available after installing Zebra Shader. Although the cubic world is distinguished by quite bright colors and an abundance of various natural objects, the creator decided to transform them even more by adding realism and dynamics.

Main Features

The first thing Minecraft PE users who install Zebra Shader will notice is the changes in lighting. The fact is that shadows will appear in the cubic world and those areas on which sunlight does not fall will be darker than those illuminated.

This, in turn, will help make the space more realistic and interesting. By the way, the sun itself has received a rounded shape, and its light will gradually dissipate around. In general, the whole space has received brighter and contrasting shades.


Another novelty of Zebra Shader is the appearance of animation which was not previously in Minecraft PE. For example, the foliage on the trees will move as if from a light breeze. Also, during rain, ripples may appear on the surface of reservoirs, and after it ends, fog will spread throughout the territory.

At night, the game world will also look mysterious, thanks to the brighter light of the moon and stars. Interestingly, although these aspects have not previously been encountered in the cubic world, they fit very organically into the surrounding space.


And the main news for all Minecraft PE users will be that Zebra Shader is perfect for any device. Thus, all players will be able to appreciate the beauty of the cubic world.


  • What if the Zebra Shaders does not work?

    Try to activate the experimental game mode.
  • Can I use in the survival mode?

    Yes, it is possible.
  • Can I use it with friends?

    Yes, it is possible to use it in multiplayer games.