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Cheats for Minecraft Windows 10

Version 1.8.0 - 1.20.71 for Windows 10
Best Cheats for Win 10: X-Ray, God mode, ESP, Pause mode, Night vision

Download Cheats for Minecraft Windows 10 for free: use new abilities, find more resources, become immortal, and much more!

Best Cheats for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

There are some rules of the game that Minecraft Windows 10 users follow. But everyone wanted to get additional abilities at least once, using cheats. They can help players add new features to the game character, get access to new buttons and much more.


It is a well-known cheat for those who are tired of spending a lot of time on endless searches for resources in Minecraft Windows 10. The bottom line is that the desired ore will be visible directly through the blocks, which will become transparent to the player. X-ray vision will help save valuable game time. Not all blocks will become transparent, but some of them.

God Mode

Falls, collisions with aggressive mobs constantly lower the health level of the character. For those who want to become immortal in Minecraft Windows 10, the developers offer a cheat God Mode Hack. Steve will not be afraid of lava, fire, and damage from mobs.

Players should know if this pack is used on the server, there is a high probability of a ban.


It is one of the most great option for those who use cheats in their game. ESP gives Minecraft Windows 10 players the ability to see through walls. It can help players find treasures and see aggressive mobs from distance.

Pause mode

Players can cheat the game using the Pause & Freeze Time. A Minecraft Windows 10 player can freeze time by applying this pack. At the same time, all mobs, except the user himself, will stop moving, and plants will not grow.

The game clock stops until a new command is given.

X-Ray with night vision

It is an improved edition of X-ray cheat for Minecraft Windows 10. In addition to the standard function of detecting ore through blocks, the improved pack allows players to see in the dark, and easily find tension sensors.

Besides, it makes snow and rain transparent.


  • How to download Cheats for Minecraft Windows 10?

    Players can download them like any other mods.
  • Can I use it with friends?

    Yes, it is possible to use it in multiplayer games.
  • Can I use it in the Survival?

    Yes, players can use it in different modes.