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Minecraft PE Aquatic Update: What’s New?

The Mojang developers in the continuation of the Minecraft PE water update added new mobs, items, blocks.


In the Minecraft update, there may be only 2 new creatures: drowned and turtles .

The Drowned

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, closer to the night on the seabed, you can see these mobs if you look closely. Be careful as they can crawl out of the water and attack you .

They can be extremely useful, as killing can drop a trident, nautilus shell, or even a gold bar .

FACT: During the daytime on land, drowned people are harmless as they burn out.


Another interesting mob in Minecraft PE are friendly turtles . You can breed them using algae.

When they grow up, they drop a shield, which is necessary for crafting a turtle shell.

Items and blocks

The first new block that is worth your attention in Minecraft is the explorer.

Gives the effect of sea power, allows you to see and breathe underwater within a radius of 32 to 96 blocks depending on the number of rings around it.

Also the Mojang developers have added turtle eggs, shell and potion of power.

Finally, it should be noted that the blue ice has become more slippery .

Bubble Pillar

With the arrival of Minecraft PE, players can find columns of bubbles in the oceans. They come in two flavors: pull down and push up .

In order for them to be pulled to the bottom, you need to put magma, and if you want them to be lifted up, then you need to put soul sand.

Bubbles in Minecraft Bedrock Marine Update can replenish oxygen.


  • What happens if you hit a turtle in MCPE

    She will start running away from you into the water.
  • Can the sea guide help you fight hostile mobs?

    Yes, when fully upgraded, it attacks mobs within a radius of 8 blocks.
  • What does the turtle's might potion give in Minecraft PE

    The effect of resistance and slowing down for 20 seconds.