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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live and dive into the new aquatic world of Aquatic Update!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s New?

Minecraft is a preliminary version and a continuation of the water update . Several new mobs have been added, as well as many characteristics of previously added ones have been changed.


It’s worth starting a review of Minecraft PE with a dolphin, which can now be very useful.

If you feed him, he can show you nearby ruins or sunken ship where valuable items can be stored.

Including a treasure map, pointing to the location of the buried treasure .

Drowned Man

Although this mob was added in MCPE 1.4, it is no longer experimental in Minecraft Moreover, it can appear with a nautilus shell .

FACT: He is the only entity that is both undead and water mob at the same time.

These are hostile creatures Minecraft . They spawn mainly at night on the seabed.

In addition, the cadavers in the water now turn into zombies , and those, in turn, into drowned ones.

Cadavers are a type of zombie that appears in deserts.

Mob changes

Skeletons and zimogors, known for their love of bows and arrows, turn into hand-to-hand combat underwater. The last change to affect mobs is the ability to ride a skeleton horse .

Zimogor is a type of skeleton found in cold biomes of Minecraft PE

Other minor improvements in MCPE

  • a Silk-Touch Enchanted Pickaxe is now required to mine Living Coral;
  • a recipe for rockets appears in the workbench in Minecraft;
  • you can eat raw tropical fish and raw salmon;
  • Trident with “traction” enchantment can no longer be used while riding a mob;
  • undead are now drowning in water and walking along the bottom.


  • What is the nautilus shell for in MCPE

    It is currently not being used in any way.
  • Can drowned men attack in Minecraft PE if I am on land?

    Yes, if this is the case at night. They can come out of the water and attack you.
  • Can raw fish have a poisoning effect?

    No, it just replenishes satiety much less.