Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Beta Update

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and find out what new attacks the player can use, as well as how wolves have changed.

Minecraft PE Beta

To start an adventure in Beta Minecraft, players do not need a lot of gadgets. But at the same time, to find something valuable and not die when encountering dangerous creatures, players will need a weapon and a reliable assistant.
In this version, it is proposed to use wolves as a pet that will not only accompany the hero but also protect him. And the heroes can find the most valuable treasures by going to the Trial Chamber.

Also in this location, you can now find the basic ingredients for creating new melee weapons. Get a Heavy Core from the Vault and defeat Breeze so that he drops the Wind Charge. Connect them and get the Mace, which is now the most powerful weapon in the cubic world.


Previously, in the cubic world, daytime was always not as dangerous as night. During the day, players were less likely to encounter aggressive mobs and could avoid meeting them at night.

But in the Trial Chamber, the underground corridors that now attract all adventurers are always dark. And this means that at any time there you can come face to face with deadly danger.

One of them is Trial Spawner. This block will generate opponents as soon as one of the players is nearby in Minecraft PE At the same time, the more heroes there are, the more villains there will be.


But despite all the dangers of this location, players still strive to find it and search for it. The thing is that on its territory you can find a unique treasure block. The Vault is opened with a special key.

Each player can open a specific block only once. In Minecraft, the most valuable finds can only be found in it.


  • What is the difference between the wind charge released by the player and a similar attack from Breeze?

    In MCPE, it is 10 percent stronger.
  • How many Wind charges will the player receive when killing Breeze?

    From 4 to 6.
  • What is the health reserve in Minecraft PE for Bogged?

    16 units.