Minecraft PE 1.20.70

Version 1.20.70 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.70 apk with Xbox Live support: start searching for Vault in Trial Chambers, fight with Wind Charges, and much more!

Minecraft PE 1.20.70 Release

The developers released Minecraft 1.20.70 where some content remained experimental. Nevertheless, many bugs have been fixed, mobs and other aspects of the game have been improved.

There are even more wolves, they can be found in different biomes and tamed. Players can use Wind Charges in their attacks, meet Bogged and open Vault.

Wind Charges

If one of the players wanted to feel like an aggressive mob, then in Minecraft PE 1.20.70 they have such an opportunity. Wind Charges is originally a weapon of one of the inhabitants of Trial Chambers — Breeze. But now every user can use them in their attacks.

There is only one difficulty: to get this weapon, you need to kill Breeze.


Trial Chambers has not only dangerous mobs, but also unusual blocks. For example, Vault will give Minecraft 1.20.70 players access to various rewards. To get them, users will need a Trial Key.

Vault is unlocked for each player only once, after which it becomes unavailable.


Swamps have become even more dangerous in Minecraft PE 1.20.70. Players can now be subjected to Bogged attacks, which are one of the varieties of skeletons in the game.

They are covered with moss and attack using poisonous arrows.


After there were more wolves in previous versions of the game and they all now live in different biomes, it became even more interesting for players to meet them.

In Minecraft 1.20.70, the collar of a wolf that has been tamed has a larger size than it usually was.


Some blocks have been improved, and bugs have been fixed by Mojang developers. Minecraft PE 1.20.70 players will notice that passing through the bushes of sweet berries, there is a slight slowdown.

It is also worth noting that creating double slabs involves stacking two identical slabs.


  • How to use Trial Key?

    Players can open Vault with it.
  • Where does Bogged spawn?

    in Swamp biomes.
  • How to get Wind Charges?

    Kill Breeze.