Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and have an interesting and exciting time, fight a new opponent, and win.

Minecraft PE Beta

For the gameplay in the cubic world to always be interesting, and the attention of users to remain at a high level, the developers are making a lot of efforts. This time in Minecraft Beta they managed to add several objects, each of which will be interesting for players to explore.

Also, some of the existing items and blocks have been updated, and various crashes and errors have been fixed. The developers managed to achieve maximum stability of the gameplay at this stage. Also, new items and mobs are already available for users to explore.

A new type of weapon

It is no secret that the cubic world can sometimes be very dangerous for players. They have to protect themselves and their property from dangerous monsters and various devices can be used for this.

For example, a sword, a crossbow, a bow, and much more. Minecraft PE introduces a new type of weapon that can be used in ranged combat. This means that the enemy will be hit long before they can harm the hero:

  1. The wind charge used by players is 10 percent stronger than that of Breeze;
  2. when you win on this mob, you get from 4 to 6 units of this weapon;
  3. It takes half a second to recharge;
  4. If the player throws himself up, he will receive damage depending on the height.

A new kind of skeletons

As you know, in the cubic world, Skeletons are one of the rather dangerous opponents, and in Minecraft a new variety of them has appeared. Bogged lives in humid areas such as mangrove forests and swamps, so its body is covered with moss and fungi.

This monster attacks with the help of poisonous arrows, which can be picked up as a drop in case of death.


  • In which biomes does Bogged live in Minecraft PE

    In mangrove forests and swamps.
  • How does he attack players in MCPE

    With poisonous arrows.
  • What is his health reserve?

    16 units.