Minecraft PE

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Beta Version

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and go to underground locations where players will encounter dangers and find treasures.

Minecraft PE Beta

It is much more interesting for each player to explore locations if they have some valuables, treasures, and rewards. But, of course, nothing is given just like that, and therefore, to get them in Minecraft, you will have to work hard.

Users will have to study the behavior of new mobs to interact with them more effectively, as well as find out what properties various valuable resources have.

Cunning and hostile

Players in Minecraft PE should not relax yet, especially if they decide to visit the Trial Chamber. It is in this location that you can meet a cunning and hostile mob.

Breeze moves around its target by jumping and being an aggressive creature, it will certainly attack the player first. The wind charge itself, which he directs at the target, does not cause much damage, but at the moment of collision with the target, explosions are created that can throw the player several blocks away.

This monster can also use its attacks to open a door or press a button, as well as extinguish candles or make bells swing. The only exceptions will be the iron doors and trapdoors, he will not be able to open them.

Trial Spawner

Unlike its predecessor, Trial Spawner in Minecraft has several unique features. Firstly, it gives out rewards at the end of the battle to all the mobs that appear from it. Secondly, it has several levels of difficulty.

They depend on how many players are nearby. Thus, the more participants there are, the more mobs it will spawn. After receiving the reward for the victory, he will be on recharge for 30 minutes.


It is obvious to every user that interaction with various mods can have an extremely positive effect on the entire gameplay.

For example, in Minecraft PE, you can get shields from Armadillo and use them in the future.

Also in this version of the mob, a new folding animation has appeared and the time spent in this state has been increased to 4 seconds.


  • How does Breeze move in Minecraft PE

    By jumping.
  • Which doors will he not be able to open in MCPE

    Iron ones.
  • Where can I meet Breeze?

    In the Trial Chamber.