Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and have an interesting and unusual time, exploring all the possibilities of new resources.

Minecraft PE Beta

The developers manage to maintain maximum stability of the gameplay in the cubic world thanks to regular correction of all kinds of errors and failures. They also often add new blocks or mobs to the game.

In Minecraft, players are offered many different activities, each of which will undoubtedly be exciting and very interesting.

Copper and its derivatives

In Minecraft PE, several copper usage options will be of interest to players. First of all, it is worth noting that the largest number of blocks of this material can be seen in the Trial Chamber.

This location consists of her. However, users who will use copper in the process of construction or decoration should take into account the fact that this valuable resource changes its color over time. This happens during the oxidation process and can affect the properties of the blocks.

For example, the lighting level of the Copper Bulb will be getting lower.


Moving around the territory of the Trial Chamber in search of valuable resources, players may encounter trouble. One of them is that they can be attacked by Breeze.

This mob in Minecraft uses the forces of nature, namely, creates strong gusts of wind, which attacks its opponents. He appears, as a rule, from Trial Spawner. Moreover, the more players around him, the more monsters he will produce.


A lot of changes have occurred in Minecraft PE in the mechanics of the interaction of this mob with players and other inhabitants of the cubic world.

For example, now the spiders will be afraid of Armadillo, and they will consider the player dangerous if he hits him. When curled up, this animal is now more resistant to damage, and also no longer panics in case of approaching danger.


  • What happens to copper when it oxidizes in Minecraft PE

    It changes its texture.
  • If Copper Bulb is oxidized in MCPE, what will happen to it?

    The lighting level will decrease significantly.
  • Where can I meet Breeze?

    In the Trial Chamber.