Minecraft PE 1.20.62

Version 1.20.62 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.62 apk with Xbox Live support and start an exciting adventure right now, find out about all the innovations.

Minecraft PE 1.20.62 Release

Every user is looking forward to the release of each version and this time the developers decided to please with really diverse changes in the cubic world.

First of all, the heroes should go to the Trial Chamber to discover all the secrets of this amazing location. Players in Minecraft 1.20.62 can use various additional devices, such as Vault and Trial Spawner, to further diversify the gameplay.

Trial Key

A brand new and very mysterious item that has real use in Minecraft PE 1.20.62. Those who decide to open the Vault and find all the treasures hidden in this block will need it.

It is worth noting that with each vault, this can be done only once, after which the keyhole will close.


A whiff of wind in Minecraft 1.20.62 will not please the players of the cubic world, because it means impending danger. Going to the Trial Chamber, users will have a chance to fight a new opponent.

Breeze uses the power of the wind to attack its victims and knock them down. By the way, it will easily open any door or trapdoor, except for the iron one. Therefore, when choosing a shelter, take this fact into account.

An inhabitant of the savannah

An amazing beast appeared in the hot locations in Minecraft PE 1.20.62. He knows how to curl up if he notices danger. Also, Armadillo never attacks players and other mobs.

Of course, like any passive creature, it can benefit players. The plates dropped by him can be used to craft armor. But it will not be used by the player himself to protect himself but by a tamed wolf. The level of protection will correspond to the diamond equipment for horses, which is a very durable option. The only ones who are afraid of Armadillo in the cubic world are the spiders.


  • What powers does Breeze use in MCPE 1.20.62 for his attacks?

    The force of the wind.
  • Where can players find copper reserves in Minecraft PE 1.20.62?

    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What is the Vault for?

    You can get treasures from it.