Minecraft PE

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Beta Version

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and explore new spaces of the cubic world, using copper blocks.

Minecraft PE Beta

In each update, the developers try not only to improve the technical component of the gameplay, correcting glitches and errors, but also add some new features.

In Minecraft, the main focus is on blocks made of copper, as well as tuff blocks and blocks that can be created from these materials.

By the way, the comprehensive development of the new location continues, in which players will find a lot of interesting things. It is there that players will meet an extremely dangerous creature – Breeze. His textures have changed in this version.


This new block for Minecraft PE was created based on previously existing blocks in the cubic world. Its feature is that the Crafter can be connected to the Redstone, so the process of creating items will become automatic.

Moreover, it is also possible to load objects into it without player intervention, for this, you can use Droppers or Hoppers. The developers immediately added unique sounds to it so that players could understand whether the device was working successfully.

Tuff and copper

The two main resources that appeared in Minecraft will allow players to expand the possibilities of building and decorating space. Beautiful Grates are made of copper, which have patterns and let light through them. Doors and hatches can also be crafted from this material, they open and close similarly to wooden ones.

The tuff does not have many varieties, but still, it makes various doors, slabs, and stairs. Moreover, they can be carved or polished, as well as with the texture of bricks.

Copper doors and trapdoors have received new textures in this version. The developers also fixed the breakdown time for these objects.


  • How to clean the copper block?

    With an axe.
  • How many blocks of Copper in MCPE

    5 options.
  • How many types of tuff blocks are there in Minecraft PE

    At the moment there are three.