Minecraft PE 1.20.51

Version 1.20.51 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.51 apk with Xbox Live support and start a new stage in the development of cubic space, visit the Trial Chamber.

Minecraft PE 1.20.51 Release

With each new update, more and more new locations, interesting characters and, of course, blocks appear in the cubic world. At the same time, developers always try to listen to the opinions of users to make the game more interesting and diverse.

In Minecraft 1.20.51, several important changes appear at once, which can change a lot in the gameplay. First, an Armadillo appears, which won the user vote. Secondly, some objects made of copper will be immediately covered with wax. And thirdly, players will have the opportunity to protect their pet with special armor for him.


Absolutely all users, without exception, were looking forward to the appearance of this mob. And in Minecraft PE 1.20.51, he finally appeared in the vastness of the cubic world. You can meet him in hot locations such as Savannah. There the Armadillo spends its time feeding on the eyes spider.

During the cleaning, he will drop some of his shields. Attentive players can collect them and use them to create armor. It can protect a tamed wolf from threats from the outside world. The level of protection will be comparable to diamond armor for horses.

Features of the Armadillo

This creature is neutral in Minecraft 1.20.51 and will not attack anyone. If there are undead nearby, he will curl up in such a way that only his sturdy shields will be outside.

Thus, he will lie down for 3 seconds and if the danger passes him, he will turn around. By the way, if an Armadillo runs away, is in the water or the air, and also when it is being led, it does not curl up.

Technical fixes

In Minecraft PE 1.20.51, the developers have also made several important fixes, and for a wide variety of platforms. For example, in Realms, the number of crushes has now decreased, and in PlayStation Plus, all requirements will be displayed when the server boots.

The authors also report that there will be no duplication of items, even when switching slots during their use.


  • Where does the Armadillo live?

    In the savannah.
  • What does the Armadillo eat in MCPE 1.20.51?

    Through the eyes of spiders.
  • What does this mob do in case of danger in Minecraft PE 1.20.51?

    It collapses.