Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and learn about all the innovations among the first, use Crafter, and evaluate its capabilities.

Minecraft PE Beta

Cube World players have finally waited for the massive Minecraft update, which features updated blocks, unique recipes, and many other changes.

By the way, an error was fixed due to which the player could reduce his speed during the flight if he touched the ground. The developers also updated the appearance of some menus and added the ability to send skins from the Wardrobe on servers.

Players can continue their adventures using custom items, while the game will no longer crash. Also, choose for yourself a variety of types of armor with trim, its display has been fixed in this version.

An important innovation in the cubic world is that the connection to Realms can occur using a link.


For the process of using copper in Minecraft PE to be as interesting and exciting as possible. The developers offer various items made of this material.

Copper Bulb has already become available. Which oxidizes and changes its lighting level, and in this version. There are recipes for crafting Chiseled and Waxed Copper and options for creating grates, doors, and hatches from them.

Tuff blocks

Interestingly, in the process of development in the cubic world. There are more and more building blocks that can be used almost everywhere. In Minecraft, tuff bricks textures have been updated.

By the way, a new craft is presented for tuff blocks.

They can be a great alternative to standard bricks, which users are already tired of in the cubic world. Create something new and unusual in the game every day. Experiment with different options to achieve the perfect result.


  • What is the explosion resistance of Crafter?

    It is equal to 3.5.
  • What is Crafter used for in Minecraft PE

    To create items.
  • What ingredients are needed to create it in MCPE

    Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Crafting Table, Dropper.