Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and bargain with Villagers, find secret locations, and make friends with Sniffer.

Minecraft PE Release Trails & Tales

Along with various changes in the appearance of the cubic world, many new functions appear in it. All this provokes the occurrence of errors, which, fortunately, the developers manage to fix promptly.

This time, in Minecraft, players have the opportunity to change the sound level of the Goat Horn, and also when mobs move, their animations do not break.


The emergence of various professions that Villagers acquire has become a real revolution in cubic space. Developers continue to improve their skills and expand the range of products offered.

For example, Armorer can not only sell any set of armor but also buy iron blocks from the hero. And pays for them very generously. Another merchant in Minecraft PE is called a Librarian and recently you can buy books with enchantments from him.

One of the most interesting offers is maps that can be obtained from a Cartographer. The fact is that they will show the hero the way to secret locations, which may even be in those biomes that have already been examined by the player.

Sniffer Eggs

Many players have already managed to get acquainted with the features of this mob and know that he spends all his time searching for seeds of plants that he eats and has a very kind character.

But in Minecraft, players are also invited to grow their own Sniffer. To do this, go in search of Suspicious blocks. Most often they appear in deserts or under water. Then, by cleaning them with a Brush, you can find ancient artifacts, including the eggs of these mobs.

It will be useful for the heroes to know that the process of hatching a cub is much faster on the moss block.


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  • What are templates used for?

    To decorate the armor.