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Version for Android
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Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with the new terrain generation! <! – more ->

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s new to see?

The world of MCPE continues to be supplemented with new elements. At this stage of the update, you can find parrots, fireworks, armor stands, multi-colored glasses, flags and a large number of other elements. Their functioning is stable, so every player can enjoy the innovations .

In Minecraft PE, attention was paid to the behavior model of some mobs, tridents, as well as a block of water.


Creature capabilities in MCPE grow with every major update . Behavior scenarios are supplemented, textures, visual models and much more are changed. But before you start making big changes, you need to fix the minor bugs.

Minecraft has the goal of getting rid of errors like other obstructing elements :

  • entities will no longer be invisible when the player is in a certain position;
  • mobs no longer appear on top of redstone structures.


Tridents are practically versatile . They can be used as a melee weapon, or as an alternative to the bow. Multifunctionality is limited only by by the imagination of the player . But for a complex subject to work properly, it is often necessary to conduct monitoring.

In Minecraft PE, the tridents have received some changes. Now they will not fall into the ground when throwing at the enemy. Also, they will not disappear when they come into contact with the armor stand.

Water block

Water is one of the most interesting elements in Minecraft Pocket Edition . It has the closest possible proximity to physics. Fluidity, splashes, bubbles, floating objects and much more are present in the water block.

To improve this block, the following changes have been made in Minecraft

  • dropped items will no longer move against the flow of water;
  • the water tilts correctly when flowing and flows out of the stairs;
  • waterblock rendering issue fixed.


  • How do new items work in Minecraft PE

    Their functioning is stable, so every player will be able to enjoy the innovations.
  • What changes are happening to the mobs?

    They add behavior scenarios, change textures, visual models and much more.
  • What is the purpose of the new version?

    Minecraft has the goal of getting rid of errors as well as other obstacles.