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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with working Xbox Live and use the bonfire, which has many new features! <! – more ->

What is Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, the Mojang developers have completely focused their attention on the inhabitants. The village is now completely updated and has a large number of decorative elements .

Each resident has his own profession, his own unique skin and trading logic. The new version features marauder raids, cartographic tables, stone cutters and bonfires. The Bedrock Edition system has been completely redesigned and has incredible capabilities.

There are technical changes in Minecraft again. This time, the challenge is to bridge the multiple glitches that are caused by incompatibilities.

Speech conversion

The Mojang team wants to simplify the gameplay as much as possible, as well as navigate the interface. That is why, work is being done in the “special features” section.

Changes in Minecraft PE have touched on the conversion of text to speech. The system can reproduce almost all languages ​​and symbols. It will not stop working if it contains a large number of punctuation marks.

The conversion process will correctly read the world creation dialog boxes and also have an auto-enable feature.


The model of behavior of inhabitants in Minecraft PE is supplemented in each beta version. The Mojang team wants to make the perfect mob that adapts to all situations.

Emotions of residents in Minecraft have been updated. Now they will get frustrated not only in case of an unsuccessful deal, but also in determining the range. If their chosen spot is too far away, they will get upset.

Also in MCPE, the process of determining the profession of residents begins at the time of spawn. They will not give any hints about their activities, but the system will automatically configure the selection.

Graphical changes

There is practically no work on graphic changes. The point is that gameplay is more a matter of principle than graphics. Despite this, there were some changes in Minecraft PE

Clouds have received special granularity. Their visual model will be more detailed and there will be no load on the system.

Screen animation in Minecraft will no longer serve to reproduce the movements of mobs. Entities will have their own automatic system that will start all processes.


  • Why are there practically no changes in the schedule?

    The point is that gameplay is a more fundamental issue than graphics.
  • Why are there so many additions to the behavior of residents?

    The Mojang team wants to make the perfect mob that adapts to all situations.
  • Why are the developers suddenly tackling accessibility in Minecraft PE

    The specialists from Mojang want to simplify the gameplay and navigation around the interface as much as possible.