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Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and create any weapons using the stone cutter! <! – more ->

What are the fixes in Minecraft PE

Now in Minecraft PE there are new enemies of the inhabitants – marauders. They will rampage in the village, attack the inhabitants, rob and kill them. If the player can repel the raid, he will receive the title of “hero of the village.” Thanks to this, the player will receive a discount from any resident.

Also changed the consistency of buildings in the village. Houses have changed their shape and acquired additional elements. Stone cutters, cartographic tables and bonfires have also appeared in the game.

The main task of Minecraft is to add missing elements. Although the innovations are functioning normally, we need to get rid of the potential threat.


Improving the raid system is in full swing in Minecraft PE . In previous beta versions, a special effect was added.

Now raids will not be interrupted when switching difficulty mode. Even in peaceful mode, the marauders will continue their advance. The only way to end the raid is to win.

Added a new property for the “bad omen” effect. In Minecraft, it will only be applied if all residents die during the raid.


Mojang developers continue to implement their improved scripts of behavior into residents. They allow you to analyze the situation and adapt to it.

In Minecraft, residents received new effects. Now, if you are in a bad mood or if you are happy, there will be special particles above your heads.

Also, the Mojang team decided to return to a nosed break during work. But the duration of the rest will be extremely short.

Map and cartographic table

The cartographic table is a new item in Minecraft PE, with which you can create maps . Their functionality is too great, so this object is necessary for a full-fledged study of the area.

In Minecraft, the map table screen will not cover the labels outside the fields. This issue has been observed on all Android devices.

The card has acquired its old function. It will allow you to assess the scale of oceans, seas and lakes. In addition, it is possible to define the depth.


  • What is the main task of the new version?

    The main task of Minecraft is to supplement the missing elements.
  • In what case will the effect of bad omen be superimposed in Minecraft PE

    The effect will only apply if all villagers die during the raid.
  • What options do the new behavior scripts provide for villagers?

    They allow you to analyze the situation and adapt to it.