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Version for Android
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Download for free the full version of Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live and meet new blocks and creatures!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Finally, the Mojang developers have released the next version from the branch in MCPE 1.1. In this update, new blocks, a forest mansion, enchantments have appeared. In addition, new mobs have also been added to the game.


With the release of Minecraft PE, the player can face such creatures as llamas, summoners, vexes and champions.


Peaceful mobs that do not react to the player in any way. However, Llamas are capable of attacking if damaged. Their power lies in spitting , which deals 1 point of damage. Llamas cannot be ridden, but they can be tamed with hay blocks. It is also worth noting that they are able to scare away wolves from themselves under certain conditions.

If you tie a llama with a leash, the rest of the llamas will follow.


Summoned by summoners when fighting a player in Minecraft PE They can fly through blocks, so be careful. For this reason, hiding from them is pointless. It is recommended to fight directly.


As many as 8 new blocks have appeared in the new version of Minecraft

Title Description Get
Concrete Solid block. Has 16 color variations. Can be used as a decorative block. When cement interacts with water.
Cement Looks like sand. Drops if there is no block underneath. Sand, gravel and matching colorant.
Shulker Crate Keeps things inside even after destruction. Chest and 2 Shulker Shells.
Magma Block Has a fiery texture. Deals damage while standing on it. Found in the Nether near lava lakes.
Glazed ceramics Great for decorating various buildings. Melting terracotta.
Infernal build-up block Has a red texture but doesn’t have much practical use. 9 hellish growths.
Bone Block Has no use, but can be used to make bone meal. Generated in deserts.
Red Inferno Brick Also purely decorative. Infernal build-up and hellish brick.


Now in Minecraft PE you can apply new enchantments to things: repair and icy step . An item that has been repaired will regenerate over time, consuming experience. And boots enchanted with ice tread will allow you to walk on water, freezing it.


  • How do evokers attack?

    They summon vexes, which, in turn, will attack the player.
  • Have any items been added?

    Yes, Minecraft PE now has a treasure map and a totem of immortality.
  • How can I find something on the treasure map?

    A place containing valuables will be indicated on it with a red cross.