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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live : a building in a dark forest, a treasure map, various changes, minor fixes and much more!

New Minecraft PE Discovery Update

The members of the Mojang team have already released the seventh beta version of Minecraft, which once again rethought the whole game. This time, introduced several new features , and also improved what was previously implemented.

Forest Mansion

Minecraft Pocket Edition has another giant dungeon , which is incredibly difficult to find.

The Forest Mansion is the largest structure in the entire Minecraft PE

The player should be extremely careful, because he not only has to study the building, but also defend against the advancing inhabitants of the house .

FACT : After killing a summoner in Minecraft PE, you can get a Totem of Immortality .

In order to find this dungeon in the world, you need to use either the seed or the the forest explorer map .

The statuette of incorruption in Minecraft does not give you an endless opportunity to avoid death, but only once can save you from it.

Inside the building are three types of mobs , each of which is incredibly dangerous for the untrained player :

  • champion;
  • caller;
  • annoying.

Treasure Map

A new item that also appeared in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now the user can safely, without much straining, go in search of two types of structures :

  • sea fortress;
  • forest mansion.

FACT : There are two different icons on the map to indicate two types of buildings.

In order to get the coveted item in Minecraft PE, you need to spend quite a lot of time. The thing is that for this you need to get 4th level of trade with the cartographer .

The cartographer is a villager, dressed in a white robe, who buys and sells geographic finds.

After that, a deal will open for you, worth about 12-28 emeralds and 1 compass , after which the user in Minecraft PE gets this artifact at his disposal.

Changes in MCPE

Not without the introduction of minor changes in Minecraft PE, which improved the gameplay :

  • drop table for the new structure in Minecraft has been redesigned, making it possible to enchant directly in it;
  • zombie villagers got unique sounds different from normal zombies;
  • when shooting from a bow, objects in the left hand are not visible, thereby creating an effect of realism.


  • How to use Xbox Live in Minecraft PE

    Just login using the button in the main menu in MCPE After that, you will have the opportunity to play online with friends, as well as get achievements.
  • Why do you need a treasure map in Minecraft

    It will significantly reduce the time to find a mansion or an underwater temple.
  • What is the immortality totem for?

    It allows Minecraft PE players not to die, but to get a second chance.