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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live.

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live : a new structure, a forest explorer map, an artifact of immortality and much more awaits you!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s New?

The Mojang development team has released the fifth beta version of Minecraft PE Discovery Update.

Forest Mansion

Absolutely new dungeon of the world of Minecraft PE, which is a haven for several mobs from the recent update. Outwardly, it looks like a huge three-story house made of wood.

FACT: The Forest Mansion is the largest dungeon in the world.

Inside it, you can immediately find three dangerous mobs , each of which is different from the other.

Title Description
Champion Inhabitant of the Minecraft PE mansion, who with his iron ax will try to hack to death the player, inhabitants and even iron golems.
Caller Can summon jaws – dangerous entities that can line up or ring, as well as three hostile creatures.
Vexor Small gray-blue mobs that can fly and walk through blocks.

Some time after they appear, the Minecraft PE intruders simply die.

Totem of Immortality

This artifact works in Minecraft Pocket Edition according to a fairly simple principle. Its essence lies in the fact that after the user has received a lethal dose of damage while holding the statuette in his hands:

  • character gets some health points back;
  • it has the effects of Regeneration II and Damage Absorption I;
  • item breaks.

Treasure Map

A new item in Minecraft, which will help players find the structures they sometimes need:

  • underwater fortress;
  • forest dungeon.

You can buy a map from a cartographer in MCPE at the fourth trading level for 1 compass and 12-28 emeralds.


  • How to use Xbox Live in Minecraft PE

    Just login using the button in the main menu of Minecraft PE After that, you will have the opportunity to play online with friends, as well as obtain achievements.
  • How does the totem of immortality affect the player in the game?

    It restores some HP, and also applies the "Regeneration II" effect.
  • Who can be found in the mansion of the world of Minecraft PE

    Inside you will find three dangerous mobs, each of which is ready to kill you: the champion, the summoner and the annoying one.