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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live.

Download full version of Minecraft for Android : forest dungeon, forest explorer map, immortality totem and much more awaits you!

Minecraft PE update changes

The Mojang team is finally able to release the third beta of Minecraft Pocket Edition Discovery Update.


Users of Minecraft will have a huge new dungeon, which looks like a a three-story wooden mansion with many rooms inside.

It’s worth noting that they often spawn at a giant distance from where the player spawns.

Inside you can find a real trap, because after you have gone deeper, you will be periodically attacked by various inhabitants of the Minecraft structure .


Another distinctive feature of the entire Minecraft PE update is the fact that four new mobs were immediately introduced into the game.


It looks like a mediocre inhabitant of a mansion in Minecraft, somewhat reminiscent of a peasant. However, this is all until you provoke him.

Then he snatches out his iron ax and rushes headlong in your direction.

Notably, champions in MCPE attack players, villagers, golems and even tamed wolves .


Another forest mob, which is much more dangerous than the previous one. The caller in Minecraft has the ability to summon jaws – block-sized entities that bite and inflict damage, and vexes.

Vexes are small creatures that can walk through blocks and attack you with an iron sword.

TIP : After killing a Summoner in Minecraft PE, you will receive an immortality totem.


The Mojang team did not forget to immediately add two new items in Minecraft , each of which is related to adventures.

Treasure Map

The same map that will allow the user in Minecraft PE to find the right path to a mansion or an underwater fortress .

Can be obtained either through the Creative Inventory, or bought from the Cartographer at the fourth trade level.

Totem of Immortality

Ancient Minecraft figurine Pocket Edition will allow to avoid imminent death .

By holding this item in hand, the user can safely take fatal damage.

Some HP will be restored and positive buffs will be given.

IMPORTANT : Totem of immortality in Minecraft PE is a one-time method that will only come in handy in extreme cases.


  • How to use Xbox Live in MCPE

    Just login using the button in the main menu. After that, you will have the opportunity to play online with friends, as well as get achievements in Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • How much is the treasure map in the game?

    The price of the treasure map ranges from 12 to 28 emeralds and 1 compass.
  • How to get the totem of immortality in Minecraft PE

    To do this, you need to knock him out of the summoner, which can be found in the forest mansion.