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Version for Android
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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live and behold the full power of the ender dragon and its world!

Minecraft – What’s new?

The “ Ender Update ” is a large-scale update that requires constant improvement. For the stable existence of ender dragons, shulkers, cities of the region and plants of the corus, builds are released in which errors are corrected.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is part of MCPE 1.0.4. This version was released with the goal of improvements and fixes of some of the nuances added in beta version 1.0.4. That is why the new version is provided as Alpha 1.0.4 build 1 .


As discussed earlier, the most important part of the Minecraft PE beta is trade with residents . Villagers offer to buy or sell items related to their specialty.

In Minecraft PE , made an interesting addition:

Item price increases or decreases with demand. An item that has been sold gets a restocking price.

Fact: When trading with villagers, the player, like the villager, gains experience.


Work on mobs has been ongoing since Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.1 . This time, there are changes that specifically target the behavior and nature of the mob.

  • a serious bug that caused mobs to fall out of the world and go out of fences as a result of a world reload has been fixed. This version of Minecraft will no longer have this.

Mobs will no longer spin randomly in place if they are in a half-block.

  • the addition of trade in Minecraft PE affected the reproduction of inhabitants. Before the release of this version, they spawned only thanks to the regeneration system. Also, they will no longer stray far from the village.

Infernal slugs and slimes, regardless of size, will have sounds when they fall.

  • donkey spawn bug fixed. They appeared where they were not supposed to be. Now the regeneration of Minecraft PE will spawn them on the plains.


  • How to protect yourself from shulker shells in Minecraft

    To protect yourself from the shulker's projectiles, you need to press on it with your sword.
  • What color is the city of the edge?

    The Ender City is mostly lined with purple blocks.
  • What happens after the Ender Dragon dies?

    After the death of Ender the dragon, the game is officially completed.