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What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE is officially considered to be MCPE 1.0.0 build – 3 . The new version is the third build of the “ Ender Update ” and contains all the uniqueness of this update.


With the transition to a major update branch, it’s time to say goodbye to the standard game menu. The new interface visually is similar to the Java version .

Note: Despite the complete change in the game menu, the usual option can be returned in the game settings.

Ender dragon

The pearl of the Minecraft update is a new boss that has incredible power and intelligence . This is the fierce Ender dragon. You can meet him during the transition to the lower world. In total, he has 200 units health, or 100 hearts. This creature will smash everything in its path.

Advice: If you want to fight with the lord of the underworld, first of all break the crystals of the edge (it is thanks to him that the dragon’s health is restored).

After death, Minecraft Pocket Edition is considered complete. Despite this, the dragon can be spawned again with the edge crystal.


Although the new mobs look harmless, their aggressive behavior will make you regret these thoughts. Shulkers are covered with purple carapace, so they are invulnerable to most attacks.

The most important thing is to beware of the projectiles of these creatures, because they endow the entity with levitation. But it is temporary and when the time expires, the essence falls down and takes damage.

City of the edge

For the first time in Minecraft PE in such a long time, a major natural regeneration has appeared. The main part of the city of the region is located on a floating island. This city is connected to the island only by the central part, and the rest are in the air.

Warning: The city is guarded by several shulkers, so it is recommended to go with weapons and armor.

Corus Flower

Very rarely, the developers of Minecraft PE, touch on the theme of the flower. But for the edge, they decided to try. The corus flower can grow up to 10-15 blocks high . If you want to grow it in your own dimension, then be sure to take the edge stone, because without it nothing will work.

Winter Biome

The winter biome has received a separate update. It has nothing to do with the main one and has its own additions. For example, a structure such as an igloo will now appear in snowy villages. This is a complete home for residents.

Fact: There is a bed, a chest and a secret entrance. Built entirely of snow.

Polar bears

Another new mob is polar bears. They are also part of the winter renovation. Polar bears will live in snow biomes.

Lead a passive lifestyle and do not attack entities until they provoke.

Interesting: Their attack has an interesting animation: first they stand on their hind legs, and then they deal damage with their front legs.

Changes in Minecraft PE

All changes in this version of Minecraft concerned only innovations.


In the new update branch, as you know, the interface has been changed. This entailed a number of errors, but the main ones were fixed:

  1. the chat has been moved to the correct position in order not to cover the panel of armor, food and health levels;
  2. moving between the LB and RB tabs when using the controller, works stably.


In Minecraft PE, when teleporting, shulkers began to have the correct position. They will move wherever they want.


Edge lighting has also been changed in Minecraft PE The Mojang developers have made the lighting so that the player does not feel that everything is upside down.


  • What does the new interface look like?

    The new interface is visually similar to the Java version.
  • How to grow corus?

    If you want to grow it in your own dimension, be sure to take the edge stone.
  • ​​How is the igloo equipped?

    There is a bed, a chest and a secret entrance. Built entirely of snow.