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Download Minecraft PE 0.7.3

Version 0.7.3 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft 0.7.3 for Android with working Xbox Live and get acquainted with spawn eggs, fire, Realms mode and buckets.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.7.3?

In the test edition of Minecraft PE 0.7.3, the Mojang studio team translated the game into Russian , finalized the interface and the Realms service. Also, the developers implemented the combustion of undead in the light of day, spawn eggs of mobs, buckets and blocks of fire.


In Minecraft PE 0.7.3, an extremely dangerous fire appeared, which burns objects and some blocks. Also, the flame causes quite significant damage to game users and most mobs.

Spawn Eggs

The developers have brought spawn eggs of several creatures to the creative mode of Minecraft PE 0.7.3. With their help, players were able to summon the following list of mobs:

  • cows;
  • pigs;
  • chickens;
  • sheep.

Info: Summoning eggs and many other creatures are expected to appear soon.

Realms Mode

Launched in Minecraft PE 0.7.3 and multiplayer Realms mode , which many have been waiting for. Thanks to the presented service, players from all over the world will now be able to play on one map. However, for this, the creator of the world will have to pay for a monthly subscription.

Important: There is a thirty-day free trial period for new customers.


Minecraft PE 0.7.3 presented us with buckets for collecting liquids in creative mode. With a new container, you can draw up some water, lava and cow’s milk.

To get milk, you need to hover the cursor over the cow and then hold down the area on the screen with a bucket in your hand.

Changes in Minecraft PE 0.7.3

Developers from Mojang Studios have brought the long-awaited Russian to Minecraft PE 0.7.3. All interface and content of the game were translated into our native speech. Also, the cycle of day and night has been significantly improved, the main screen and the Realms mode have been improved.

In addition, the chests received a beautiful opening and closing animation . Undead now ignite from sunlight during daylight hours.


  • How can Minecraft PE 0.7.3 players play in the same world?

    For this, the developers have created a paid service called Realms.
  • What are iron buckets for?

    Buckets can be filled with water, lava and cow's milk.
  • What kind of mobs can you get using spawn eggs?

    Summoning eggs can create a cow, sheep, chicken and pig.