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Download Minecraft PE 0.4.0

Version 0.4.0 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft 0.4.0 for Android with working Xbox Live and meet creepers, garden hoes and new blocks.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.4.0?

The alpha edition of Minecraft PE 0.4.0 was released by the developers in 2012. In it, they brought in the famous creepers that explode at the sight of the player. Also, Mojang studio has added many new blocks and items.

Important: It was in this version that the peaceful complexity of the game appeared. When you turn it on, all aggressive creatures disappear from the world.


The developers have added one of the most famous mobs to Minecraft PE 0.4.0, which is rightfully considered creeper . These creatures will spawn during the day and night. At the sight of users, mobs begin to sneak up on them, and after a few seconds they explode.

In addition, creepers can inflict damage not only on players, but also on any buildings. For this reason, it is recommended to well illuminate the entire area with torches . After all, hostile creatures Minecraft PE 0.4.0 cannot appear in a very bright place.


Also, in the version of Minecraft PE 0.4.0, previously unseen items have been added. Among them, hoes for digging beds stand out, as well as wheat and animal meat. Raw flesh must be cooked in the oven before use, so as not to get a negative effect.

Info: To harvest large quantities of wheat seed, use the hoe on the turf blocks.


In Minecraft PE 0.4.0 the assortment of building blocks has significantly expanded . Users will now have a lot more options to realize their creative potential. New building materials include the following blocks:

  • stone bricks;
  • mossy cobblestone;
  • white wool;
  • bed;
  • chest;
  • hatch.

By the way, white wool can be dyed in different colors. After all, the developers have brought as many as eleven dyes to the game.

The bed in Minecraft PE 0.4.0 is used to skip the night and set the user’s respawn point . It can be crafted from three wool blocks and wooden planks in a workbench.


  • What aggressive mob was added to Minecraft PE 0.4.0?

    Famous creepers appeared in this version.
  • What should you do before eating animal meat?

    Meat must be cooked in the oven.
  • What is the bed for?

    Using beds, you can skip the night and set a respawn point.