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What’s new in Minecraft

Mojang’s work on balancing the game is in full swing. The number of bug fixes increases with each beta release. But this is all done to move to a larger branch Minecraft PE 1.13.0 .


In the polls held at Minecon 2018 to select new mobs, the foxes won by an impressive lead. Therefore, it was decided to add these night hunters to Minecraft

Foxes are known to be nocturnal mobs that prey on chickens, fish, sheep and other weak mobs.

Night hunters are unusual in that they can spawn with an object in their mouth. Similar properties to ocelots .

Interesting Fact: Foxes are only afraid of dogs.

Brown cows

The game becomes more realistic with each update. But the most important thing for the Mojang team is to create an image of realism and consistency. Therefore, a brown cow was added to Minecraft Bedrock

The only thing that makes it different from red is color. This is as it should be, because if a red mushroom cow is struck by lightning, it will turn brown .

Building Blocks

Now any structure that you have built can be transferred to another world , as well as to servers thanks to structural blocks in Minecraft < / strong>.

Important: you can use them in any mode, but be aware that in survival, if desired, they cannot be removed, because they have bedrock properties.

For modders

There were many additions and changes in the script engine in Minecraft And all this was done for fashion lovers .

For this occasion, the developers have opened up the full capability to create complex scripts in the Scripting API and in the HP HUD .


Especially for the structural block , a structure void add-on was introduced in Minecraft Pocket Edition

This was done in order to get rid of the airspace , which greatly interfered with the movement of structures. Unlike air, it does not overwrite the blocks where it is loaded.

Rose Wiesera

An interesting addition to the variety of colors in Minecraft PE is the wieser rose , which differs from other colors in that it gives a withering effect .

Fact: The Wither Rose is a very useful addition, because it can be used as a trap , with it you can make stew and black dye.

Character Editor

Creation of skins in 3D models, in Minecraft are readily available.

The character editor includes changing the size and shape of the body, replacing the limbs, adjusting the eyes, mouth, hair styles and colors. So far, there are only 100 options available, but free accessories are planned .

Change in MCPE

In the second beta version of Minecraft, Mojang made a number of changes.


The foxes made Minecraft Bedrock Edition interesting. But unfortunately, due to the work on fixes of the technical nature of the game, the creators forgot about the new mobs.

  1. Fixed fox behavior while sneaking towards it. If earlier she ran away, now she will not pay attention to you.
  2. In addition, when the foxes tried to hunt fish , they drowned and decided to fix it.

Terrain regeneration

Some players have had problems with terrain regeneration in the normal world and on the servers.

The problem was that the world is not fully loaded or players might get stuck on the loading screen when trying to join the world. A serious bug, but it has been fixed in Minecraft PE

User interface

The login button that served as to navigate to the Xbox one account has been duplicated. That is, instead of one button, there were two.

But the duplication happened not only with the login button, but also with the loading indicator.


Joining a Realm via the “join friends” list in Minecraft loads the Realms user interface , not the usual multiplayer interface.