Download maze maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81
Find the Right Way!

Download maze maps for Minecraft PE and try your luck trying to find the right path.

What is the essence of these maze maps?

These are kind of puzzles that require mindfulness and memory in the first place. You need to find the right path leading to the exit from a dozen or even hundreds of others.

Sometimes this task can be complicated by additional quests. For example, the player may be tasked with finding all buttons or activating all levers to open the exit path.

The Ultra Maze Run

A fairly simple map with a large maze in Minecraft PE. You need to find 10 gravel blocks , after which you can open the way to the exit. It is recommended to play in peaceful mode so that hostile creatures do not interfere with the passage.

TIP: If it hangs, you should reduce the drawing distance.

The Three Mazes

This map is divided into 3 labyrinths. In addition to passing the puzzle itself, the player also needs to find monuments along the way, and then activate the lever .

Fint The Button

The name of this map for Minecraft PE speaks for itself: you need to find the buttons. In addition to being attentive, patience is also required here, as there are as many as 10 labyrinths. Each of them contains one button to be found .

Unfair Sand

This map for Minecraft PE consists of several levels, as well as test tasks. In the course of the passage, you will need to click on the buttons, but you should be careful: not every button is correct .

In case of an unsuccessful button, the player will be transferred to an additional task that will need to be completed.

Chests with interesting content were also hidden on this map. A little easter egg to find .

Dark Deception

Mysterious labyrinth in Minecraft PE, has a frightening atmosphere . Only a true professional will pass this card, since it is designed for at least half an hour.

Be very careful when navigating this maze, as there are enough pitfalls here.

Random maze

This map for Minecraft PE is different in that every time it a random maze is generated . This algorithm is implemented with a mechanism that is based on armor stands.

To successfully pass the test, you need to find the gold block . You will then be teleported back to the lobby where you can create a new maze.


  • How to install maps to mazes in Minecraft PE?

    The first is set manually. You need to extract the contents of the archive along the path "games / com.mojang / MinecraftWorlds". And the rest - automatically with one click.
  • Can I play with friends on these cards?

    Of course. You can arrange a competition and determine who will find their way through the maze faster.
  • Do the maze maps require any textures?

    No. Maps that require textures automatically set them on export.