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Download the full version of Minecraft PE for android for free: play with fluffy foxes, brown mushroom cows and new command blocks!

What’s added to Minecraft PE

Beta releases continue to be released so that Mojang developers can measure their success in fixing bugs.

At this stage, there are a lot of flaws in Minecraft, which greatly interferes with the game. Therefore, if you want to play on more stable versions, then download the latest .


As in life, foxes in Minecraft PE love the night and are active at this time when most players are sleeping and hostile mobs dominate.

Fact: If you want to see foxes, then take a night trip to the winter biomes or taiga.

Brown cows

Brown cows are a variation on fly agaric cows that appear when red cows are struck by lightning .

You can increase their number by feeding them wheat.

Building Blocks

Import and export your buildings in Minecraft to other worlds, as well as to servers, thanks to structural blocks . Designed to create structures by hand.

You can get it using the command / give @s structure_block .

For modders

Inside, the game algorithms of Minecraft PE were not going to fix, but decided to do it for fans of modding.

It was decided to provide access to the Scripting API, which was still in Minecraft 1.8.0 for certain people. The HP HUD is also in the public domain.


In addition to the structural block, a structural void was introduced. These are intangible blocks that replace the functional barrier blocks used for transmission.

Everything is done so that they can form part of the structure itself and remove air blocks.

Wither Rose

A flower of hell that can impart a wither effect.

Rose Wieser is not an element of decor, but more has a functional load , because it can be used to make a stew, as well as black dye.

Character Editor

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can forget about downloading any applications for editing skins , because this function is available in the minecraft itself.

You can change absolutely everything, and most importantly, you can add 3D models .

Recent changes in Minecraft

Aggressive mobs

In Minecraft PE , you could see that monsters were disappearing in some way. Maybe some players think this is good, but the bug has been fixed.

At night, when zombies start to appear and attack residents in houses, an error occurs due to which monsters get stuck in the door.

In the new version of Minecraft, this will no longer happen.

User interface

Maybe someone didn’t know, but Minecraft Bedrock can be played using the keyboard.

Those who have done this may have noticed that when using the full customization of the gameplay on the keyboard , there was confusion, and the controls, namely the arrows.
Player complaints prompted the developers to fix it.

Texture packs

  • Mojang made some fixes with incorrectly working definitions of nested texture packs.
  • And a bug has been fixed where the minimum compatible versions of some packages were unstable.