Minecraft PE 1.21.1

Version 1.21.1 for Android
Tricky Trials Update (Release)

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.21.1 Tricky Trials apk with Xbox Live support: have more opportunities for crafting and fighting, use mace and wind charges!

Minecraft PE 1.21.1 Release

There are more and more details and features related to Trial Chambers in the game. Users can apply their skills in Minecraft 1.21.1 battles with mobs that have unique effects. Mace, wind changes, and other attack items will help them win.

Users also have the opportunity to accept the challenge and play in Hardcore mode. It is possible to select it in the settings.

Wind Charges

Minecraft PE 1.21.1 players who manage to defeat Breeze in a fair fight have one advantage: they can get Wind Charge as loot. This weapon allows you to make unique attacks with the help of air, which literally blows up everything around.

An added bonus of this item is its ability to help Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.1 players move quickly by bouncing.


Minecraft 1.21.1 users should not limit themselves to standard weapons in Trial Chambers. Since players often need to defend against mobs in close combat, they may need a Mace. Fortunately, her crafting is quite simple: players need to combine Breeze Rod and heavy Core.

Mob Effects

Many players know that mobs in Trial Chambers can have some dangerous effects. There are 4 main effects of entities in Minecraft PE 1.21.1:

  • Wind Charged;
  • Infected;
  • Weaving;
  • Oozing.


Those who have tried all the modes in the game that have existed so far, including survival, creativity and adventure, should activate hardcore.

Minecraft 1.21.1 users have a unique opportunity to test their strength in the most dangerous version of the game, where there is no chance of respawn.

It is possible to make a decision about choosing hardcore only before the creation of the world.


  • How does Ominous Spawn work in MCPE 1.21.1?

    Is spawns mobs in armor.
  • What new effects do mobs have in MCPE 1.21.1?

    Wind Charged, Infected, Oozing, Weaving.
  • How players can repair Mace?

    With Anvil.