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Download the full version of Minecraft PE for android for free and start playing right now with striped insects, new blocks and other changes.

What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock

Yes, there is very little release left. Beta testers and developers from Mojang identified slightly more 50 errors in 1.14, but all of them are minor.


Striking mobs in Minecraft PE, the structure of the behavior of which is much more complicated than the dragon of the edge. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Bees adapt to the situation and, depending on it, act like real bees. Their pollination is like bone meal. They are afraid of water and rain, they sleep at night.

FACT: if you attack 1 bee, a whole swarm will attack you.


Minecraft PE is the only update with a title that released the least number of blocks – 2. These are honeycomb and honey.

Cell Blocks

They can be crafted from 4 hundred . In version of Minecraft PE , the craft consisted of 9 hundred.

Unfortunately, although it consists of honeycombs, this block is not intended for storing honey. It is completely decorative.

Honey Blocks

A very interesting and simple block, at first glance, but at the same time it has a very large functionality.

Honey Blocks can be used in mechanisms of Minecraft PE, due to its sticky properties .

FACT: If you jump on them from a great height, then damage will remain 20% of the original </ span>.

An excellent use will be as a trap, because they slow down the speed of any creatures on it.


Since bees are included in the category of “smart” creatures along with the dragon of the edge, for the stability of their behavior, it was necessary to provide everything necessary. If the Ender dragon has a home, then the bees must have one. Therefore, we present wild and homemade hives in Minecraft .

Wild Hive

Already from the name it becomes clear that these are naturally generated blocks, the purpose of which is to protect bees and store honey.

Therefore, bees will protect the hive at all costs. If you try to break a hive without scissors or a weapon enchanted with a silk touch, a swarm of bees will attack you instantly.

Homemade Hives

Thanks to homemade hives, in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can collect honey and watch bees without any problems.

Honey can be collected at level 3. The level increases when the bee, after pollination of the flowers, returns to the hive. Craft it from just 3 cells and 6 boards.

Skin Editor

Now editing skins will not take much time and you will not have to download files, because now in Minecraft PE, a skin editor is available.

Thanks to the simple interface, in the editor every player will understand . Change absolutely any part of the body to suit your taste and style.

Change in Minecraft

Mojang from version to version relieves the 1.14 branch of bugs and Minecraft PE was no exception.

Xbox One

Xbox account issues. Screen flickering when joining on Xbox, crashing when switching from one account to another, and crashing when trying to sign out of Xbox Live.
All bugs in Minecraft were fixed, crashes were removed, and crashes were fixed.

Skin Editor

Fun fact: The skin editor has overtaken the Xbox account by the number of errors in one update branch.

Minecraft PE had a problem displaying the skin model from the Marketplace. Even when re-entering the editor, it was impossible to change the skin. A bonus was the restart of Minecraft when putting on raincoats.
Official information on Minecraft updates claims that these issues have been fixed.

At the moment, bugs are present only in the innovations themselves. This means that everything is going according to Mojang’s plan and the release will not be long in coming .