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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and play in a new aquatic world with turtles and much more!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What are the changes?

Minecraft PE is also a preliminary version for the 1.5 branch. In this part of the update, added a very interesting mob – turtle .

In addition, you may notice bubble pillars in the oceans and more.


In Minecraft PE, the developers from Mojang decided to add a creature, often found on the shores of seas and oceans , – a turtle.

She is a friendly creature and very slow, lives both on land and in water .

You can breed these creatures using seaweed.

Items and blocks

Obviously, adding a turtle to Minecraft was not enough, as it would look very boring.

So the Mojang devs decided to add their eggs, shield, carapace and finally a turtle might potion .


After feeding these mobs with algae in Minecraft PE, after a few seconds one of them will lay 1 to 4 eggs on the shore .

After a few game days, turtles will hatch from them.

TIP: Do not stand on the eggs as they may break. It is also worth protecting them from hostile creatures.


In Minecraft, it can only be obtained with when the turtle hatches into the light , and is only used in shell crafting.


This is quite a useful thing, as it gives the effect of underwater breathing for 10 seconds after immersion in water.

Potion of Power

In Minecraft PE, the last new item is the Turtle Power Potion. It gives a a 20 second drag effect , but slows it down for the same amount of time.

Bubble Pillar

Now wandering around the world of Minecraft, you can notice air bubbles. They help replenish oxygen , but be careful as you may be pulled to the bottom of the sea.

TIP: To avoid taking damage on the magma block – hold down shift.


  • What types of bubble poles are there?

    Two. Some pull down - magma, while others push up - sand of souls.
  • How to brew a potion of turtle power?

    You need to first brew an awkward potion, and then with the help of a shell - a potion of turtle power.
  • What drops when killing a turtle?

    Only algae, so it is not advisable to kill the turtle.