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Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and feel the power of the new marine guide!

Minecraft Bedrock – What’s New?

Minecraft had one, but rather large innovation – Marine guide , so it deserves no less attention. Blocks are what this update focuses on.

Marine Guide

This item in Minecraft Pocket Edition can give the player the effect of sea power , which allows you to see under water.

It also allows to breathe underwater without the need to replenish oxygen and increases your swimming digging speed.

Only given effect by contact with moisture or rain.

How to activate it?

Having crafted it in Minecraft PE, you will notice that it does not work. This is because a certain building is needed to activate it.

You need to make a a ring of prismarine blocks with a conductor in the center, the blocks of which will be 1 meter apart.

FACT: The Marine Guide emits light with an intensity of 15. This is the highest level of brightness in the game.

The minimum number of Prismarine blocks in Minecraft required to build this structure is 16 pieces. The radius of action is 32 blocks in a spherical range.

With the subsequent installation of the rings, the range increases and reaches its maximum – 96 meters .

With 21 blocks, the working radius is 48 meters. Further, every 7, it increases by 16 and, finally, at 42 it reaches its maximum.

When fully upgraded, every 2 seconds, deals 4 damage to hostile mobs that come into contact with water or rain.

Ice Blue

In Minecraft PE, the Mojang developers decided to make the blue ice more slippery . This can be very useful for quickly transporting things.

Ice Block

Sly players in Minecraft are waiting for not entirely positive news, since now it will not be possible to replenish oxygen reserves by swimming into the ice block.


  • How to craft a sea guide in MCPE

    You need 8 nautilus shells and 1 heart of the sea.
  • Where can you find the heart of the sea?

    This item can only be found in sea ruins or buried treasure.
  • How to get a nautilus shell in Minecraft PE

    It can be dropped by killing a drowned man.