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Download Minecraft PE 1.2.11

Version 1.2.11 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft 1.2.11 for Android with a working Xbox Live and try to experience a large number of fireworks! <! – more ->

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2.11 – What’s New in the New Version?

With the release of the new update branch, the game has got very many interesting elements . Now players can take advantage of fireworks, armor stands, flags, colored glasses, parrots and other objects.

The interface of the game also received a small update, thanks to which the process of navigating through the tabs was simplified.

In Minecraft PE 1.2.11, the changes are to fix bugs with textures and objects. Entities have also undergone a small change.


Good rendering and detailing, very affects the gameplay . If it does not work properly, bugs of different kinds can occur. The player can fall through the world, or get stuck in textures.

To eliminate potential errors, it was decided to texture optimization in Minecraft 1.2.11 :

  • fixed the texture of the blocks during their extraction;
  • cocoa beans will now display correctly when using the HD resource pack;
  • players will no longer walk through blocks;
  • some blocks have received additional detail.


Mobs evolve with each beta. In Minecraft 1.2.11, the parrot is one of the smartest mobs. But the Mojang developers have not forgotten about other entities at all and are trying to improve the behavior scenario.

The first step in improving the behavior took place in Minecraft PE 1.2.11 :

  • fixed attack of all kinds of zombies;
  • enemy boat mobs will no longer be able to attack from all directions;
  • fixed the position of the hands of some creatures;
  • fast mobs will no longer drop outside the world.


Minecraft Pocket Edition has a huge number of objects. They all have unique properties and functions . For them to work properly, Mojang specialists constantly check the technical component.

Some of the failures found during validation were fixed in Minecraft 1.2.11 :

  • village buildings will no longer have rotating roof ladders;
  • levers will have a “ Use ” button;
  • fixed low position of cactus hitbox;
  • books can be put back into inventory.


  • What are the changes in the new version?

    In Minecraft PE 1.2.11, the changes are to fix bugs with textures and items.
  • What did the developers do to improve the textures?

    To eliminate potential errors, it was decided to optimize textures in Minecraft 1.2.11:
  • What changes have been made to mobs in Minecraft PE 1.2.11?

    Mojang experts are trying to improve the behavior scenario.