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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live and learn how to turn a red cow into a brown one!

What has been added to Minecraft

In the new version of the game, the developers from Mojang eliminate all the shortcomings of the previous updates and prepare their users for the Minecraft PE 1.13.0 release .


The first announcement of these forest dwellers was also September 29, 2018 at MINECON 2018 . But now they can be seen in Minecraft Bedrock version Mobs are more active at night, and during the day they sleep (one of the few that know how to sleep in the MCPE world). They attack only those mobs that cannot do anything to them.

FACT: Night hunters will not attack the player under any circumstances.

Their enemies are wolves and polar bears . Foxes can also hold almost any object in their mouths, from a bowl to an immortality totem.

Brown cows

Mushroom cows are the only mobs that spawn in their biome. These mobs are full of riddles and secrets. The developers from Mojang revealed one of them by adding a brown cow.

Important: To see a new mob, you need to hit with red lightning.

When a new cow appears, you can get a variety of stews, as well as brown mushrooms.

Building Block

The new block is used to manually build structures. It allows you to import and export buildings to any world. To get a new block, just enter the command / give @s structure_block.

For modders

The developers made a big surprise for those who like to create their own mods in Minecraft The Scripting API is now available in the game, making it easy to create more complex mods. In addition, we fixed the algorithms and opened the custom HP HUB.

Structural void

This block was created to indicate empty areas. It is an integral part of the building block. Has the concept of a barrier and is visible while the block is in hand.

If you want the correct transfer of the structure, then be sure to use the structural void. You can get it using the command / give @s structure_block only in experimental mode.

Rose Wiesera

Withered Roses can be obtained in creative mode or by going to hell. They can be used to make paint and can also be used as an ingredient in stews.

Note: Great as a trap, as entities take damage when passing through them.

Skin Editor

The function will enable classic skin editing . You can change Steve and Alex beyond recognition, because in the editor you can edit the color of the eyes, body shape, limbs, beard, clothes and accessories.

Changes in Minecraft PE

In the update for Minecraft PE, some significant changes have been made by Mojang studio.


Big changes in Minecraft Pocket Edition were introduced in version

  1. Mobs standing on slabs are no longer immune to sunlight damage after a world reload.
  2. Fixed dance animation of parrots .
  3. Endermans holding Red Sand drop more normal sand upon death.
  4. Mobs with weapons will drop them with less durability.
  5. phantom flight animation has been accelerated .
  6. Foxes can now sleep again and find cover when it rains.
  7. Parrots can now fly over fences and walls again.
  8. Zombies no longer get stuck in doors when trying to attack a villager.
  9. The trade level of cured villagers is preserved.
  10. Wither Skeleton no longer takes Wither damage.


  • while sleeping, the “wake up” button is displayed again;
  • the screen starts to dim again during sleep;
  • improved ender dragon death animation ;
  • The animation of the 3rd person shield block has been fixed.


  1. Increased FPS on Xbox One.
  2. Optimized calculation of area illumination.
  3. World loading times have decreased.
  4. The game no longer freezes on launch.
  5. Optimized timing for good display of mobs.