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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live


Download the full version of Minecraft for Android and you will have a new pet – a fox that will protect you from all dangers and threats.

What’s added to Minecraft PE

Changes to the game continue to focus on crash fixes and performance improvements. The new version has few bugs and for those who want to play on a more stable version, we suggest downloading Minecraft


These are interesting creatures that are passive in relation to strong mobs. Weaker entities are destined to fall into the clutches of a nocturnal predator. But despite this, with the help of wild berries Fox can be tamed and then no one dares to come close to you.

FACT: what makes foxes unique is that of all peaceful creatures, they are the only ones that can hold an object.

Unlike a golem, which can only hold 1 flower, foxes can hold more than 10 items and even a totem of immortality.

Brown cows

These cows are as mysterious as the mushroom biome.

Note: To see a new mob, it is enough for lightning to strike the red one.

This method works and vice versa (if lightning strikes red, it turns brown). The brown cow also produces stew and can be obtained from it by using scissors.

Building Block

The main task of these blocks in Minecraft is to import and export buildings. Now, if on some map you see a building that you would like to move to another world or server, a structural block will help you.

For modders

The secret function , with which you can create complex mods, is now available in Minecraft PE Making mods is easy thanks to new in-game algorithms and custom HP HUD.


For the successful import and export of buildings in Minecraft, it was necessary to get rid of the interfering air blocks. Therefore, a structural void was introduced. It is similar in function to barriers and is currently available in experimental mode only.

Rose Wiesera

The first plant in Minecraft Pocket Edition to have an effect. A wither effect, but there are also useful functions. A flower can be used to craft black dye and create a stew.

Skin Editor

Fast and easy skin editing , available right in the game. Changing the size, limbs, adding a beard, accessories is presented in a new function. There are over 100 free options available.

Recent changes in Minecraft

There are practically no changes and are aimed only at the stability of the game. This is a good sign for those looking forward to the innovation.