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Version for Android
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Download Minecraft for Android and meet a new night mob, a mysterious flower and a secret block.

What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock

The Mojang developers strive to improve the game for a better user experience. But their main goal is to switch to the release version of MCPE 1.13.0 . This is why the Minecraft PE update was released, with important bug fixes.


These are new mobs for Minecraft that inhabit the biomes of the taiga and snowy taiga. They are active at night and sleep during the day.

They are as shy as ocelots, so they will sometimes avoid the player, but their main enemies are wolves and polar bears.

FACT: depending on the biome, the fox will change its color.

The interesting thing is that if you drop something near the fox, it can take it in its mouth. They can be tamed by feeding them sweet berries.

Brown cows

These cows in Minecraft PE are one of the red options. But brown has a very interesting function.

Very important in the flower with which you feed it, because if you collect the stew after that, then you will have it with a certain effect.

FACT: To look at a new mob, you need to hit the red cow with lightning.

Building Blocks

A new block in Minecraft, with which you can transfer your buildings to any worlds and even to servers.

The building block has a import and export function . A user-friendly and simple interface will help you understand the functions without any problems.

For modders

Hidden from all Minecraft Pocket Edition users, the Scripting API function is now available to all fans of complex mods . On this occasion, we changed some of the game algorithms for easy use of the new function. Also introduced HP HUD.


The structural void will become an assistant in the implementation of the import and export of buildings in the structural block.

This block is available only in the experimental mode of the Minecraft game, and without it, problems with moving buildings may arise. The new block helps remove unnecessary air blocks and thus avoids wrap-around.

Rose Wiesera

The first flower in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with a effect . When trying to walk through it, entities will get a a wither effect . In use, this flower is versatile so it can be used to make black ink, as well as stew

Skin Editor

This feature in Minecraft PE allows you to edit skins without restrictions . Everything can be changed. Starting with just color, ending with resizing. There are over 100 free options available at the moment.

Changes in Minecraft

In the beta version of MCPE, specialists from Mojang have prepared a number of changes.


In Minecraft PE version, everything related to weapons has been updated. Now they are in the craft book and mobs will again drop weapons when they die .
Fixed crossbow animation and improved controls.


An interesting improvement has been made in terms of mobs, namely dolphins . In Minecraft, when you are sailing on a boat and there is a dolphin nearby, he will follow you until you come ashore.
Fixed fish swimming animation and they will no longer stop in place


Fixed animation when switching items in inventory. In Minecraft PE, they will display correctly, and the transition will be quick.

For those who play minecraft in VR (virtual reality) mode, the absence of the right hand has been fixed.