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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft for Android and find out about the function that the developers at Mojang were hiding from users!

What’s new Minecraft

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is one of the major bug fixes among beta versions . Gameplay bugs were fixed, performance, user interface, graphics and scripting engine were improved.


Passive mobs that received unique functions in Minecraft Foxes are one of the few mobs that can sleep. They are nocturnal and attack weak mobs.

Wolves and polar bears threaten their lives. The player is also sometimes avoided, but can be tamed with sweet berries. They can hold an object in their mouth and can also pick it up.

FACT: To get an item that the fox is holding in its teeth, you need to drop food next to it.

Brown cows

If you want to see new and mysterious mobs in Minecraft PE, then write the command / summon lightning_bolt next to the mushroom cow.

A brown cow has all the same properties as a red one. You can get brown mushrooms using scissors, and you can also make stews.

Building Block

For the builders of Minecraft, a special block has been added that will import and export buildings from one world to another. You can also do this on servers.

For modders

For future and current mod developers, we present a hidden feature long ago added to the game, which became public in MCPE – Scripting API .

Its introduction and the addition of new algorithms will make it easier for those who love to make mods.


With the advent of the structural block, it was decided to add a structural void to the game. The new block is required addition for the correct transfer of buildings from one world to another. The main function is to remove air blocks .

Rose Wiesera

This plant can be seen in hell. Any entities (other than those in Hell) that pass through it take Drain damage .

FACT: the first flower to be so unique. It can also be used to make stews and black dye.

Skin Editor

Without any downloads, installations, skins search, you can inside the game edit your character as you want.

You can change the limbs to mechanical, make the character tall or small. Change your hairstyle and add a beard. All this in the skin editor and in over 100 variants.

Changes in Minecraft PE

Specialists from Mojang are trying to bring the MCPE 1.13 branch to the ideal and are constantly updating the game client.

Graphics / Display

Graphically, there were significant interface changes . Every time I played a multiplayer game, the screen would flicker. The problem has been fixed.

There were also changes in Minecraft itself , namely in the leash, which constantly floated above the ground when the player wanted to tie a mob. Camera transitions while running and swimming have been made smoother.


In this beta version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, we decided to take mobs seriously and therefore fixed:

  1. Animating and positioning the panda.
  2. Fixed animations directions of mob heads .
  3. Marauders will now properly celebrate victory.
  4. Drowned spawn has been completely redesigned:
    • now if within 30 minutes these mobs do nothing, they will disappear;
    • if the distance between the player and the drowned man is 54 blocks, they will degenerate.


The issue with applying custom skins has been fixed, and free skins are moving correctly between devices again.